Thursday, 24 May 2012

My First Time - Knowing my wife - Wedding Night

Just before our wedding, the temptation to go all the way became very strong. Just imagine how it would be if you have not been with your sweetheart for more than 2 years. You can only imagine how we wanted to be with each other every where and all the time. To make matters worse we had to sleep in the same bed one of these nights. Oh that was one long night... but because we had waited for 4 years we were not about to abort the whole plan just a few days to the wedding. However I will not tell you that we were not sorely tempted. I thank God I was able to say No because I believe that if I had pressed J I would have had my way and lost the opportunity to say we waited. Isn't it beautiful the way God strengthens one partner to say no when the other is weak.

All through the time I went back home to get married, I realised that we had gotten so used to communicating through media that it was kind of difficult to communicate face to face. In actual fact it felt kind of like getting married to a stranger. The only assurance we had was that we loved each other before we had to be apart and we loved the person on the phone and so we must love each other now even though it felt a little strange.

The Wedding Night
The wedding was grand. We had well over 800 people in attendance, we had 3 ceremonies in one day and at the end of the day we were thoroughly exausted and excited. In my mind I was wondering how the night will go. We were at a 3 star hotel far from friends and family. It was our first time being together without any limitations. Just the thought of being with J and not having to be on gaurd with my emotions was exciting. Being naked for the first time with my wife - oh what a joy. I realise that its not the actual copulation that is exciting but the whole atmosphere of love and communion and intimacy. Well these are the things that went well. When it came to the actual businesss, things went from exciting to scary to frustrating to funny and back to loving.

My wife was so scared of something being inserted into her. Although we used lubes and I was as gentle as she requested it went so slowly. One thing that helped us is that we had read books that prepared us for the night. I think we had to stop for the night and we continued in the morning. I am sure J would have a more detailed rendition of this part of the story. There was some blood but things got on track eventually by midday the next day. Our honeymoon was the best one week I had experienced until that time. I think we really need another week like that. Oh God help us organise another honeymoon. Maybe we will do it again next year or the year after. Maybe not one week but at least 3 - 4 days of doing absolutley nothing but enjoying one another and the beautiful things around us. We will need to find someone to take care of our boys. I find that I don't want to make the mistake of leaving our boys with the wrong people.

The week went by very quickly and I had to leave my wife for another 6 months. These became the most terrible 6 months for us as a couple. Not only was it hard because we had tasted of sexual intimacy and we were just beginning to get to know each other again, adultery came into the picture - oh what pain. Stay tuned for the story about The Adultery.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Would be very interested in hearing the next part about the adultery.